Because we are a small, privately owned firm, we are able to focus on the client first, not the firm. We don’t have to worry about the “big corporate giant” forcing sales goals, or firm-oriented corporate policies. We have the ability to provide virtually the same services as larger firms, but have the flexibility to provide customized, client-focused solutions as our top priority!

It only takes a little EXTRA, to turn something ordinary into extraordinary!! We want our clients to have an extraordinary experience!

Wealth Management

As an independent firm, we can focus our priority on the client’s best interest, and that is the only factor we use in making our decisions. There are no cookie cutter solutions from us. Our solutions are a blend of investments and services that are chosen specifically to meet each individual client’s needs. Our Motto is to achieve positive results while minimizing risk. Accordingly, we customize an asset allocation strategy, based upon each client’s individual goals, risk tolerance, and emotional as well as financial needs. Our advice is impartial – our efforts are solely focused on you as the client to meet your needs and to exceed your expectations.

Trust & Estate Planning Strategies

Trusts and estate planning no longer have to be a complicated mystery. We can assist in simplifying the estate planning process to ensure your disposition desires are met in the most simple yet effective way to minimize the estate tax impact on your family. Trusts can be used for asset management in the event of incapacity, protection of loved ones, minimization of taxes, asset protection, and many other reasons.

Personal & Business Insurance

Do you have enough life insurance? Too much? Have you sufficient assets to cover potential long term care costs? To cover potential estate taxes? How about sufficient insurance to protect your business or to help ensure a smooth transition of business ownership? Does the correct person or entity own your life insurance? We can provide customized and thorough reviews of existing policies, strategies to ensure your financial and estate plan is protected and tax impacts minimized.

Retirement Planning

We work with small and large business owners to customize a retirement plan to best meet the needs of the business owner while providing an invaluable tool and service to the employees. Whether it is a SIMPLE, SEP, 401(k), profit sharing, or pension plan, we have the resources to review, advise, and execute in a customized way to provide a comprehensive program for your firm.


We provide competitive consistency of our discipline, and service for endowments, foundations, municipalities and other institutional clients. We are available to assist in board meetings, provide education for potential donors, board members, trustees, finance committees, etc.